Motor Scooter FAQS

[20 Important and Frequently Asked Questions Answered Below]

What kind of scooters does Wolf Brand Scooters sell exactly?

Gas powered motor scooters!

Wolf is a nationally sold brand of high-end, street legal, economy priced motor scooters. We sell 50cc (aka 49cc) and 150cc gas-powered motor scooters (aka mopeds). Our scooters are built in a brand-new state of the art facility, with the best parts and finishes, for the lowest price possible. Wolf has been sold next to industry leading brands like Vespa, Kymko, Honda and more for almost a decade. We were even chosen as the #1 Scooter in CollegeMags Top 10 Scooters for Campus Cruzin’!

Where can you buy a Wolf Brand Scooter?

Tons of places!

You can buy a Wolf Scooter at one of the hundreds of Dealerships across the nation who carry Wolf, from Florida to Washington State. However, if there is no local dealer near you, try calling your local scooter or motorcycle dealership and ask if they can give us a call to special order you one. We only deal with dealerships directly, we are not a retailer. This assures that your scooter will be set up properly and that you will have a maintenance and service center to take the scooter too.

Visit our Find a Dealer Page HERE

Does Wolf sell scooters online?

Unfortunately, no.

Wolf is only sold in brick and mortar scooter and motorcycle shops. We do not believe that buying a motor vehicle on line is a great idea. To find out why, please read our blog post- 4 Major Reasons Not to Buy a Cheap Scooter Online!

Do you need a license to drive a scooter or moped?

Usually yes!

Please see our detailed blog post- Motor Scooter and Moped Laws by State

Do you need insurance for your scooter?

It varies state to state.

Please see our detailed blog post- Motor Scooter and Moped Laws by State

How do I submit a warranty claim on my scooter?

You need to take the scooter back to the Wolf dealer you purchased your motor scooter from. They will assess the mechanical issue and submit the claim directly with us. If you cannot bring it back to the dealer you purchased it from please visit our dealer locator tab and find another dealer nearest you. They will be able to submit the claim for you.

Why should I choose a Wolf scooter over other brands?

Well, you should choose the best scooter for your needs. That may be a Wolf, or maybe even a Vespa.
Wolf is a lot of bang for your buck! We can say that for sure.

We have excellent quality scooters at super reasonable prices and we put a LOT of hard work into our Brand.

We’ve decreased warranty claim rates year after year, to even below some of the more expensive industry leading competitors. We always have the parts you need in stock for maintenance or repairs, we have an awesome selection of sporty and retro scooters to choose from and a large dealer network to make buying and maintaining your scooter easy. We are all about service and support and have been told by scooter stores, time after time, that Wolf is the BEST brand to sell and work with.

But to help you make the right choice, please read our detailed blog post Buying a 50cc or 150cc Scooter?

You will learn all about the different brands, their price points, whether you should buy a 50cc or 150cc motor scooter, and MORE. It’s a pretty good article if we do say so ourselves!

When to change your oil?

Your first oil change is due after 300-500 miles. Your second oil change is due at 1,000 miles, and then every 1,000 miles after that.

What kind of oil does a 50cc 4 stroke scooter need?

15w-40 motor oil.

The best motor oil to use is 15w40. Most scooters take 24 oz. of oil.

When to change your gear oil?

Your first gear oil change is due at 1,000 miles, and then every 1,000 miles after that.
Use 80w-90 gear oil.

What type of gas should I fill my scooter with?

Always use non-ethanol fuel.

How to maintain my scooter? Things you can do:

• Change oil frequently (every thousand miles)
• Change gear oil (every thousand miles)
• Check valve clearance (every thousand miles)
• Always use non-ethanol fuel
• Check tires and replace if needed (every two thousand miles roughly)
• Lube throttle cable every 6 months
• Have scooter checked by authorized Wolf dealer every 6 months
• The dealer will check everything from Belt wear to lose screws and nuts (caused by vibration)
• Purchase a scooter cover to protect scooter from elements

What is a valve adjustment on a scooter?

A valve adjustment basically sets your clearance between the rocker arm and valve stem. If the clearance is off the valves will not open or close properly causing your scooter to lose power. A dealership should always perform this procedure. Its needs to be done every 1,000 miles. We recommend scheduling this to be done with your oil change regularly. It will help to keep your motor in great shape!

What do I do if my battery keeps dying?

Check to make sure your battery is still working properly with a battery tester. If you don’t have one, any local automotive parts supplier will help you with a battery tester. If the battery is good, then you most like have a failure at the stator or regulator. Your local dealership will be able to help you fix that. Please contact them.

My scooter won’t start, what do I do?

First check to make sure the key is turned to the starting position along with the starter button.
Check and make sure the side stand is up. The side stand has a safety switch on it which will not allow the scooter to start if it is down. So, make sure it’s up.

If your scooter engine is turning over (trying to start) but your scooter won’t fully start then your battery is working properly. If your scooter isn’t turning over (you’ll hear no sound) then you need to manually start the scooter using the kick starter (see manual).

If your scooter still won’t start, then you may have a more serious problem.

You should take your scooter to your local authorized Wolf dealer so a professional mechanic can inspect the problem.

What do I do if I’ve lost my scooter keys?

You have two options.

Buy a key blank from your local dealership and have a locksmith recut the key or buy a new key switch and lock set and have your local Wolf dealer install the new lock which will come with your new lock set.

It is always a good idea to buy extra blanks from your Wolf dealer when buying a scooter to have a few extras just in case. You’ll save money in the long run if you do happen to lose your keys.

50cc Top Speed?

Around 35-40mph.

Really depends on the make of your scooter, riders’ weight, road conditions, etc. But most 4 stroke 50cc scooters will do 40 once broken in (after first 500 miles). They can be slower during the break in phase.

Should I wear a helmet on a scooter?

Of course!

However, some states have helmet laws, and some do not, so ultimately it’s up to you. Please see our detailed blog post- Motor Scooter and Moped Laws by State

If I have a problem with my scooter should I call Wolf Brand Scooters directly or my local authorized Wolf Dealer?

You should preferably contact the dealership you purchased your scooter from.

We are the manufacturer and distributor. We work with the dealership and the dealership works with the end user. You are always free to contact us directly though! We are happy to answer your questions and guide you. But ultimately your Wolf Dealer will be the service and help center for you.

Are you hesitant about riding a scooter for safety reasons?

Take a motorcycle (scooter) safety course!!!

Taking a motorcycle safety course will teach you the ins and outs of riding your two-wheel cycle on the road. What to look for, what to do, what not to do, and how to avoid dangerous situations. I HIGHLY recommend and advocate a motorcycle safety course for anyone riding a two-wheeler of any kind. I have personally taken the course, as well as an advance motorcycle training course on a motorcycle race track, and I’ve learned things that I don’t know how people even ride without knowing. Take one! It’s worth every dollar and the weekend it will take to complete the course.

Read more about scooter safety in our blog post- How to Ride a Scooter

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