Wolf Brand Scooters is the leading name in affordable, super stylish, quality scooters. We specialize in 50cc and 150cc scooters!

Wolf has been around for nearly a decade, sold in hundreds of scooter shops across the nation next to brands like Vespa and Genuine Scooters. The value of our scooters can’t be beat!

We’ve been rated as the #1 campus scooter by CollegeMagazine and featured on MPN Magazine as America’s hip millennial scooter company!


Our scooters come with a 2 Year Limited Warranty, so you can ride in peace knowing we’ve got you covered. The first year is bumper-to-bumper, including electrical, engine, battery, and any other non-wearable parts…Ummm no we can’t cover your bald tires if you wear them out because you can’t stop riding your Wolf all day long and everywhere you go (yes, they’re that fun!). Second year extended frame and battery coverage…yep our batteries are that good! Wolf uses the best quality scooter parts on all of our motor scooters, including Gates belts, DURO tires, MotoBatt and TET batteries and other upgrades like performance carburetors.


Wolf Brand Scooters

Wolf Brand Scooters is the leading name in affordable, super stylish, quality scooters. Wolf has become a household name in America over the last decade. We are carried in hundreds of dealerships across the nation next to Vespa, Genuine Scooters, Kymco, Honda, and other top scooter brands. We’ve been named the #1 campus scooter by College Magazine and featured on the cover of Motorcycle & Powersports News Magazine as America’s hip millennial Scooter Company! If you are looking for a scooter you can rely on, that looks great and comes with a great warranty, AND a crazy low-price tag, you’ve found it! Wolf Brand Scooters- The toughest name in scooters!

Wolf Scooters

  • Wolf Striker - 125cc Mini Moto

  • Wolf RX-50 - 50cc Scooter

  • Wolf Islander - 50cc Scooter

  • Wolf Rugby - 50cc Scooter

  • Wolf Rugby II - 150cc Scooter

  • Wolf Blaze - 50cc Scooter

  • Wolf Blaze II - 150cc Scooter

  • Wolf Lucky - 50cc Scooter

  • Wolf Lucky II - 150cc Scooter

  • Wolf Jet - 50cc Scooter

Wolf Flow E-Bikes

  • Flow Recharge

  • Flow ReLoad

  • Flow ReVolution

  • Flow ReVolt


Wolf is #1!

Check out this article by College Magazine!

Look who landed First Place in College Magazine’s Top 10 Scooters for Campus Cruzin!

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