About Us

Wolf Brand Scooters is an American owned and operated Scooter Company. We offer products and service that exceed some of the most well known name-brands in America today, with prices that make scooters affordable for everyone!

Formerly known as Gorilla Motor Works

In 2012 Gorilla Motor Works was faced with an issue regarding the trademarked name of Gorilla. We were very sad to part with our beloved name, but believe that our new name has a strong sense of character and strength and will continue to lead us to the top of the American Scooter Industry. It was never our name that gained us our popularity or our great reputation in the first place. It has always been our excellent products, highly knowledgeable and dedicated staff, attention to detail and our devoted care to our customers. All of which will continue for decades to come, with new products and ventures along the way, keeping you as well as us, ahead of the game.

So you can be rest assured that nothing has changed, just our name!

More about Wolf Brand Scooters

Wolf Brand goes to the farthest lengths to make sure that we continually provide our customers with top quality scooters, excellent scooter parts and the absolute best customer service and support in the industry!

We have a concise line of 49cc and 150cc scooters, only carrying the most reliable, high performing, attractive models. We do not sell an endless array of “hit or miss” models, a common error among many Scooter Companies. You can always be sure that if it’s a WOLF…it’s a darn good Scooter!

Scooters are an extremely popular, affordable and fun means of transportation used all over the World today. America has yet to see the same effects as some countries such as Italy, but with the growing need for affordable transportation and ever-rising prices at the pump…who knows what the future will bring? We do see Wolf Brand Scooters in it though, that’s for sure!

Wolf Brand Scooters—the toughest name in Scooters!